Tuesday, September 29, 2009


after you get your little piggies in shape its time for polish, right? I always love to change up to color in the fall. Fall ushers in a whole new set of sites and scents and I like to change my nails to match my fall mood. Right now my favorite is still OPI Lincoln Park after dark. I remember when it first came out how shocking dark nails were to everyone. Now its just a nice neutral. I also love Chanel's Black Satin. Although I tire of the dark colors after a couple of weeks I usually switch back to OPI Bubble Bath. For years I only ever wore Waltz by Essie, but I finally gave it up this year. My other favorite is OPI's Kennebunkport. The most beautiful red! But I always go back to the dark colors. The new mini sets available at Nordstrom from Essie are so cute, and stocked with Essies's best colors. What's up with Essie being at Nordstrom? And did you see the custom colors they did for J. Crew?

So what are your favorites for this time of year?

Chanel's Black Satin

Mini set from Essie at Nordstrom

Friday, September 11, 2009

Get those Tootsies in Shape

After a long summer of walking on the beach and wearing flip flops our feet have been through a rough time. And we all know how drying cool weather can be to our feet. I recommend two products that are sure to whip 'em in to shape in a few days...Oil of Olay Thermal Pedicure, such a treat for your feet. Use this in the shower, it heats on contact with water as bora bora white sand (doesn't that just sound fun?) and a few other ingredients slough off the dead skin cells. A dreamy treat and the shower washes away the mess. I recommend using it only 2-3 times per week. Each night before bed I apply a miracle product that is sure to get rid of even the most stubborn calluses its Kerasal.It contains 5% salicylic acid. Just apply daily and watch the transformation of your feet. I apply it to my heels and anywhere I'm prone to rough spots but I also rub it into my cuticles. I find it helps my pedicure last longer. Works for hands too. Take a look at both websites. I know Kerasal offers free samples and a dollar off coupon and Oil of Olay offers coupons and samples on some their awesome products also.